Thursday and no idea what to write.

Painting with my boy

My Tbt. Painting with my son.

Hi all, it is Thursday and I had an outfit of the day. But, no pictures. Sorry. I had a ton of errands to do and didn’t even get to them all. Like the grocery store. Yeah. Early morning trip for me! Wahoo.


And it hit me today holidays(saw a Spirit Halloween store)are coming up and it is supposedly fall. I say that because here in the south it is 99degrees in October.Yep. So all of those cute and fantastic fall goodies are just too hot here. And we end up dressing like it is summer still in December. Flip flops and eggnog that is how we do.

Seriously, we are wearing our summer stuff most if not all year long in Central Florida. We get 3 weeks of what people up north would call “fall” or “fall like”. Here, we act like it is the freaking Antarctic and we are all going to die of frostbite. I am the freak outside enjoying it, while everyone else is inside bundled up freezing to death. I get excited when the weather person says “Cover your plants, gonna be cold tonight”. Everyone else? Not so much.
For me, I can actually go outside and not get heat exhaustion. And my hair always looks fabulous! Ahh winter. Just slap a blue dress on me and call me Elsa. I loved the snow when I was a kid(still do).

Spring gave way to Summer.Summer gave autumn and winter a miss and went right on into spring and summer.

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