Throw back Thursday. Some of that fall fun.

Hello friends, what a glorious Thursday it is! And since it is Throw Back Thursday, I thought I would talk about pumpkin patches. We are making pumpkin pie today and it seemed like a good idea.


We took the little man to his first pumpkin patch this year. He was too little last time. And he had so much fun running around and looking at all the pumpkins.


Things like this make you appreciate and admire the simpler happenings. Going to the pumpkin patch was fun and great for us all. We got to spend time together as a family and watch how excited he got for his pumpkin.


This little pumpkin fall adventure made me really thankful for our trio. It was a perfect day and we had so much fun. I remember how much I loved doing stuff like that growing up. We loved going to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and places like that for family fun. Those are memories that stick with you. Forget all the bad things and remember those times. Those are the types of memories I want my little one to have.




I think Kermit the Frog said it best on The Muppet Family Christmas “Life would just pass on by if it weren’t for times like these.”
By the way you can watch that classic movie on YouTube, by Searching for it. What are you greatful for? What is your favorite fall activity?

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