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OK Gofashiondeals friends, I am taking a small intermission from fashiony things for a bit of geeky gamer nostalgia.Remember when Resident Evil used to be good? OK, so the graphics not so much. But for the time it was great. Coming from an 8 bit world into that it was the everything to us. Sorry, there was no High Def back then. There was not even a Facebook then. Nor was there Twitter,hey it was 1996. Video games were migrating from the cartridge to the newer CD ROM formats. Remember blowing on your SNES games or NES games to make them work? Yes, and if you hadn’t then you will never know the joy of finally getting your gold copy of Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros to work. Which now we all know that blowing in the cartridge had nothing to do with it working. That alone was an act of GOD or LOKI.

Resident Evil. Playstation 1

Why was he in there….never hide in the closet!


Anyway, remember when Resident Evil was goodish? The story lines made more sense and it seemed more thought out than the dribble we are given today. And who wouldn’t forget the epic walking up the stairs loading screens and the opening of the doors. Only to have a zombie or licker on the other side waiting to nom on your brains. As well as the annoying crows pecking at your face, ah the memories. Of course there was also Barry, good old Barry. Captain Obvious Barry. When after you almost die searching the house he says “WHOAAAA, this hall is dangerous!” Really sir? I couldn’t tell, excuse me while I kill this zombie thing over there. You could kill him off eventually or let him live. I never had the heart to let that idiot die. If you let him live he would save you in Resident Evil 3,eventually. Memory may not serve me right at this. I’m getting old.

Resident Evil Playstation 1.This hall is dangerous! now let me give you some acid rounds for a weapon you don't have yet. Thanks are my hero..... :/

This hall is dangerous! now let me give you some acid rounds for a weapon you don’t have yet. Thanks Barry….you are my hero….. :/

It was a fun game and an interesting game. Still is, now though it is a bit hard to play and is a relic. Although the nostalgia keeps me going back to it on my Playstation 2. I don’t think I will ever give it up.

By the way I still have my most epic Resident Evil 2 save on my old memory card. Beat the game in less than 2 hours,I would pause for food and such! No saving and got Rank A. I am still so proud of that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And remember on black Friday, read game descriptions and ratings.

Images: Capcom.

There is always room for one more slice of pie and second breakfast.

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