Throw a great party, by starting with the perfect invitations by Basic Invite!

So you want to throw a party? You want to throw a party that could be the envy of any Instagrammer out there! And what is the first thing you need to ask yourself when throwing any kind of party? The answer is what kind of invites will I have? And also what the theme is, if you are into themed parties or throwing a kid’s party. The thing is, you have got to have the right kind of birthday party invites! Basic Invite can help you achieve that level of creativity with their gorgeous and fun templates.

Basic Invite has a lot to offer you for invitations! And just so you know, if you are not doing any party they do offer some beautiful business cards! Including clear ones!!!! Which I thought was seriously cool!

Basic Invite has some unique qualities that make them a great company to get invitations from, especially kids birthday party invitations. First the range of colors you can choose from for these awesome invitations. Once you select a template you can customize it with 180 different colors options! That way you can get these cards perfect down to the littlest tiny bit. This is something that Basic invite really feels sets them apart from other companies when it comes to customizing your birthday invitations!

And another thing that really sets them apart is free custom samples! If you want to get your hands on it before you purchase the lot, and feel like a Real Housewife of *insert city here* then this is the way to do it. Hey the little things that can make you feel good and special. There are also many different color choices for envelopes as well, I am talking up to 40 different colors!

Their designs are beautiful and you can be sure to get some great invitations for your party! Even if the said party isn’t a birthday party, you can still use Basic Invite to help you with say Halloween party invites! With Basic Invites address capture that can make things even easier for you the hostess or host. Before you freak out and think they are “watching you” this is something that is a kind of tool one can use via Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and get people to enter their addresses via a link that the host of said party posts on their social. The addresses are then saved in the friend’s Basic Invite Account. The addresses will then be seleceted during the designing process.

Want the beautiful foil designs? They have those too! And all you have to choose is gold, silver, or rose gold*YAAAAASSS* . then just simply choose raised or flat foils.

As for me, well, I do not have any birthday’s coming up, but there is a yearly Halloween party we have, where we carve pumpkins and eat all the fall junk foods! All while listening to some Halloween themed music. It is a great time for the kids and the family. And invitations from Basic Invite will be just what we need to get that party of family fun started!

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Also be sure to give their socials a

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  • Danielle Green August 31, 2019 at 2:14 PM

    I love basic invite! I can’t wait to have my own place so I can host more parties!


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