Lounge wear so comfy you have to get it! Available at Target! #fashion #targetstyle #ootd

The softest lounge wear ever from Target!

I went to Target a few days ago after dropping the hubby at the airport, well actually we only really stopped there because on the way home from the airport my son, who is 6, said “MAMA, I pee pee. I go pee pee” Luckily we were at the exit where there is a Target right off the exit. So, we went in, my 6yr old leaving us in his wake as we went to the family bathroom. Afterwards, we went to grab some fruits and some new pjs for E, as his little baby body decided that he didn’t want to fit in his 12 month to 18 month clothes. Now it is 18 to 24. I saw these lounge pants, sweat pants I know, and got an over sized sweater to match. The softest pair of clothes ever! I swear, soft and cuddly without being too hot.I always get sweaters a bit bigger because I just love them to be loose. It is more comfortable for me that way, the sweater goes up to XXXL I believe. I got a size large.  There are lots of reasons for my large sweater obsession, but one I have had since being a kid when it comes to sleepwear or lounge wear.

You can get the sweater and pants from Target here and here.


Yes, I broke out the Holiday crap early for Halloween, but the boys love it so much I just couldn’t say no to it! And let us be honest, there is nothing better than some Adams Family and Hocus Pocus with a side of Charlie Brown the Great Pumpkin along popcorn, cozy pjs and loungewear and some caramel apples. It is not too early for Halloween decor when you have kids. At least for me, and I am a kid at heart still.

Hi pj’s are by CArter’s and it is a 2 piece set. Buy here

SO, if you love comfy clothes and loungewear then you must get these super soft and affordable pants and sweater! I am telling you I could live in them! Also a lot of people, or maybe a handful, who counts anyways loved the headband, also from Target!

Buy the sweater here (Target, they have 2 day shipping with redcard)

Buy the pants here 



  • Bea Lopes September 23, 2019 at 8:27 AM

    You have a super cute baby, omgg you both are so pretty, I like your leggings.


    • Stephanie September 23, 2019 at 6:46 PM

      Thank you so much! He sure is!!! 🙂 Love that little guy!


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