The power suit

The power suit! Something many of us associate with the 80’s women taking the workforce by charge in cooperate America. You know the suits…big shoulder pads and boxy shapes. To go along with the French twist updo and the smell of aquanet hairspray. I get why women’s suits were designed like that. Thinking about it now women wanted to make a statement and wanted to ooze the feeling of power that men have held for so long. Intimidating and strong and the suit helped.
Today the powersuit hasn’t gone out of style per se. On this COVID-19 world of ours it is taking a back seat to the sweatpants. And even now workwear is reflecting more comfort over the stylization of the suit. There are work wear joggers! I saw them at Target and they looked super comfy! And also in the day of Zoom meetings people wear their pj bottoms and dress up the top. More people are working from home and so the suit is now going towards the fashion it crowds and people trying to hold on dear to it. 
There is a chic ness and elegance of a good fitted suit. 
This one I have on is a rental from Rent the runway(hence the tag)


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