The Polka dot maxi dress and eating at the Edison Disney Springs

I wish sometimes that I could come up with more snazzy titles for my blog posts. But, my brain is like poop today. OK, my brain is like that more often than not. Let’s face it, mom brain is real.

I recently went to Disney Springs with my mom for a day out with out the kids. Not that I don’t love spending time with my wee lads, but even this mommy needs a day out with out them in tow. Unfortunalty my oldest is feeling a bit left out of things. I need to take him on an adventure just the two of us. He needs it.

I love Disney Springs, it really is a blogger paradise. Why? You can take a butt ton of pictures and no one gives a crap as it is a massive tourist trap. Everyone is snapping pics here and there. So we do and can feel not as weird.

Unless weird is your thing, then you do you. Like I am sticking my tongue out at my mom, because I am weird like that.

I wore this new dress I got from SHEIN, I saw it and thought it was a perfect maxi dress, I got a size L because of the swelling and it fit wonderfully. Honestly this dress made me feel so good and I got a lot of compliments on this polka dot maxi, the bag, and my belt. OK and the massively charming earrings from Sugarfix by BaubleBar.

I am wearing a shapewear slip under this dress as it is not lined. But you can pick them up really cheap at Target and they work well.

I got a lot of compliments from people as I was walking around with my mom at Disney Springs. But, before we could get our shop on we had to get a bite to eat and fuel up for some stores. So we found the Edison at Disney Springs.

Let me say, the ambiance is just amazing. It is like the Great Gatsby in there, or for gamers it is just something very Bioshock Infinite. Just saying.

You enter and there is a huge clock and you can see all the cogs and wheels! Just spectacular. We ate on the lower level so we had to go down a huge staircase that was just as if it came off the pages of The Great Gatsby.

There were some fabulous places for seating in the restaurant and everyone was dressed in period clothing. Was so awesome!

The lunch menu was small, but it didn’t need to be large. My mom and I both agreed it was a great sized menu for lunch. Nothing overwhelming.

But do we want a sandwich or fish and chips. We went for the beer battered fish and chips!

The fish was flaky and covered in a crispy beer batter. The batter was mixed with Blue Moon beer, and I suggest adding some of that lemon squeezed on top, it just makes the citrus notes of the blue moon stand out! The fish was perfect, but my only complaint was that my fries were a bit over done. Other than that the food was amazing! And I can not wait to take my hubby and sons here for a family night. Or just my hubby for a date night. Worth it, even if just for a Sunday lunch. Followed by a trip to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM for the perfect dessert.

After lunch we wondered about Disney Springs, I met with the people at L’occitane and Kate Spade for some blog related stuff and to get my son’s lavender bath from L’occitane.

As you can see the humidity got my hair. It was miserable out, I envy straight haired people.

We also made a trip to other stores and walked around a bit more. It was such a great day, unfortunately a storm ruined the rest of the fun.

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