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The nerdy knit


nerd knit and mango pants

top: gifted similar here// pants: MANGO // SHOES justfab similar// lips NYX// jewlery H&M similar

I love a great tank top, especially when it is a knit top like the one I am wearing here. This top was gifted to me from my best friend and I love it. Suits me so well. Last time I wore it was witha skirt and now this time with a pair of comfy pants from MANGO. A store I love! paired with some flatforms and basic jewlery. Nothing spectacular, nothing over the top. Not when you had a little sick for a week. He is better now.I love the ease of outfits like this, stylish comfort. The pants are great with their zipper pockets and slight crop. The top is a soft knit so all over comfort stuff you could easily fall asleep on the couch in.  I left my hair more natural and crazy(as usual) I pulled it back as the humidity is starting to get up there.

So, the blog. Ah yes, the bloggeroo. I get it up and running and then problems. There is always a small issue right? But it was fixed thank goodness, only to have Photoshop act up and not want to work anymore. UGH. SO there is that now too. YAY. Technology..right? SO, it is like now what. I use photoshop for lightening and darkening. As well as getting rid of blemishes. And yeah resizing.

Oh well, something will start working eventually. And that is why I had to switch to GIMP. So we shall see how that goes. I have so much content to do and outfits to post and such. I haven’t been able to since the site was down for a whole WEEK! UGH! But, that didn’t stop me from trying to blog some. Right? And now here we are back in business!

fashionblogger outfit style


It was a nice break but an exhausting one and it just showed me how much I have grown as a blogger and looking through old posts and such. I love what I do as a blogger and that is why it drove me crazy to no be able to do a damned thing while my site was down! AHHH! But now here we are and I am back and I think Glamorous and Geeky will be fabulous and I can not wait to see how well it all goes. Hard work guys!

I have a saying now…


Actually what made me think of this was while playing Dragon Age Inquisition and the Cullen quests. For those of you who play RPG’s Go get this game!!!!! AHHH it is amazing and my fave Bioware game. Anyways.

I am working on my book must have series! soooo get ready because next month guys my fave books are coming out!!!!!

glamorous and geeky

fashionbloggerSteal my style!

Shirt: gifted and similar here

Pants: MANGO

ShoesL Justfab found these similar ones from MANGO(love that store a bit)

Jewlery: H&M similar

Lipstick: NYX


And Hi from us!

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  • Roxanne April 11, 2017 at 9:28 AM

    You are SO darn cute! I love the new name, too! I’m happy your site is back!
    Thanks so much for linking with On Mondays We Link-Up, lovely!

    • Stephanie April 11, 2017 at 10:19 AM

      Thank you so much Roxanne!!!


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