THe Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey #disney #disneybaby #mickeymouseTHe Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey #disney #disneybaby #mickeymouse

The Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey

THe Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey #disney #disneybaby #mickeymouse
Disney Mickey Mouse Buddy Blanket for Baby by Barefoot Dreams • Disney
Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Blanket by Barefoot Dreams • Disney
aden + anais Disney(R) Mickey’s 90th Muslin Swaddling Cloth • Aden Anais
Delta Children Emerson Glider
Disney Mickey Mouse Stroller Blanket for Baby by aden + anais • Disney
Disney& Mickey Mouse Americana Chevron Pillow Buddy • Disney

When you find out you are expecting, along with the endless worry there is also that joy and excitement. Excitement for that little squishy cute baby, excitement for every ultra sound, and of course decorating the nursery. But, the nursery didn’t get done.

I didn’t get that chance to design it, I mean I did but never implemented my vision. The vision of an ultra modern black and white nursery.And Now that
I get the chance since my son has been cleared to be off the machines! He can finally go back into his own room! We are now ripping up the old carpet and getting it ready for the booger to be in the room! At first when I was still pregnant with E, I knew I wanted monochrome. Target had the cutest sets by  Cloud island. You can see that collection here.

Now that the baby is almost 1 and probably will be ! after we are finished with his room upgrades going with overly baby bedding is something I am not sure I want to do. So, that is why I decided to go with Mickey Mouse in the color scheme I wanted to do. Black, white, and light grey. And also toss some gold in there now and then. This bedding I hope will last him a bit, and then when he is 3 I will let him pick his new bedding for his “big boy” bed. I did that with my older son when he turned 3. Granted he was in love with his crib until 4 years old. He didn’t always climb out of it. And there are days when I still miss him being in that crib. I think he misses it still as it was a security thing. Oh well, he is about to get a bigger bed anyways, he is so tall for 5 that his feet hit the edge of his little cute bed. Which that adorable beautiful little booger bed will go to E. Since he is getting the hand-me-down beds, the least I can do is get newer bedding!


So, Mickey Mouse it is!

THe Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey #disney #disneybaby #mickeymouseTHe Modern Nursery Monochrome Mickey #disney #disneybaby #mickeymouse

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