Up since 1 am. Make sense, you will not.

I was awake at 1 am this morning, and while trying to get the baby back to sleep I got frantic and bored. It is super hard to fall back asleep when you keep hearing the little lad in the baby monitor. What to do? Answer emails,check order stats on stuff I bought, and Pinterest. Gods, yes Pinterest. Where everyone pins never ending Loki,Middle earth,food,home ideas that you will never get around to actually doing, and hair ideas. How many pins from a beauty board have you tried? Me? Quite a few, for science. One I regret trying was the brown sugar hair spray stuff. FAIL. It was for Science that I tried it. Fail pin is fail. What was the biggest Pin fail you have had?


You get sucked in by all those fabulous drink and party ideas. Which I want to throw my kid a Harry Potter bday party! Just because Pinterest… And one day I will get around to it. I have more luck with certain food pins than beauty ones.


So for this funny Friday have some ha ha’s and some eheheheheh’s . Because it’s Friday and you earned it! As for me,I am going to take a nap since my little one is snoozing. Oh the joys of motherhood.


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