The Goblin Queen. Rent the runway

I got my reinvent order in the mail. When I did my last picks for Rent The Runway I chose a simple white blouse and some high waisted jeans. And a Dolce and Gabbana necklace , of which I forgot to wear!
I put on the first outfit and thought, whoa. All I needed was some David Bowie hair and there was a rendition of the GoblinKing from Labirynth .

You may not see the resemblance, but I Sure did! Dance that Magic Dance!

So this outfit, as cute as it was had some flaws. The top fit perfectly, the jeans however, well I could not lift my leg up really. And that is due to a little design flaw in the legs. It was weird. And I will not be renting these jeans or buying them. You may have a different experience.

The jeans also accentuated my flaws in the hips and tum. I felt so lumpy and so yeah these are a no good rental!

So, instead of linking to these horrendous jeans I will link to a pair that are cute!

and function! Shop a similar look or the original piece!

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