The Glitter Queen and migraines are no fun.

Tee Target // Pants Uniqlo// Shoes Guess// sunglasses MVMT // hair clips 

Good day friends, I hope your day is full of all the sparkle. Mine is full of nursing a epic migrain from hell. It is awful, I have not had one of these in a long long time. MY husband blames my “disco ball” of a shirt. Which I say nope, I think it was something else. A mix of my mouth being dumb, my period, and lack of sleep. But, yeah I doubt it was the shirt.

And if it was, wow, I will never be able to wear sequins again. My days of being queen would be over.

But, I would never give up my glittery sequined crown. Even if that crown of sparkle is giving me a headache of agony. Can you blame me, especially when sequins are all the rage right now. And this tee from Target is so cute and on sale?! I love how it looks with these Uniqlo black pants. I am wearing a crop, even though my tummy looks so weird right now. This whole disastis is a pain in the neck. I am trying so hard to fix it myself!

Glitter queen . Target glitter queen tee and uniqlo joggers Guess sandals

I love this look so much I guess because of sparkle and I guess because it is monochromatic. This look is a bit of sparkly simple magic! The sandals also have some sparkle, and breaking them is has been fun. I got these Guess babies at the outlet mall in Daytona Beach! Such a great deal but I am linking to them from Amazon!!

Can we just say these are just so cute!*scuse the janky toes*

Glitter queen . Target glitter queen tee and uniqlo joggers Guess sandals

Love how this outfit just came together and how I didn’t get wet in the rain!

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  • Gabrielle April 12, 2019 at 8:30 PM

    I love your use of the hair slides here babe; I love this trend SO much! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far 🙂 x


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