The dreaded holiday talk.

Every year at this time we start thinking about what to get that special person for the holidays. We ask and ask “What do you want for Christmas?” We get the “I don’t know or um whatever.”  We even hear the dreaded “Don’t get me anything, that’s OK” Which we all know it is not OK and we will be scorned if we do not deliver the goods come Christmas morning.

Why am I writing about this now? Well, next Friday is why. No, it isn’t Christmas. It is BLACK FRIDAY. And that means, loads of traffic, lots of angry bitter shoppers, full resteraunts(where you can not get into because of the black Friday people and you do not want turkey again until dinner), and Christmas. Christmas everywhere.


Yes, Stark we know.But when the tables are turned…oh crap.

Yep, that happened last night. Last night I was put on the spot. My hubby asked ME what I wanted. You wouldn’t think such a thing would matter. Um I had no answer and said NOTHING. I actually said I want nothing. He then told me I needed to figure out what I wanted.




The thing is my Pinterest has a board called THINGS I WANT REALLY BAD. And I lacked the brain function to open Pinterest to pull that up and show him. REALLY?! He had defeated me the Christmas Elf. With the meager question ” What do YOU want for Christmas?”

I could have looked and said. But had no power to do so. Ugh.

I could use a new watch. I could use another bag like my grey one from Express. I want that skirt from Shabby Apple. But how to actually say it. Why can’t I? Why is expressing what I want for Christmas so hard. I love giving but when it comes to me getting a gift it is the hardest damn descision ever. It is like a hostage situation.

Question is can I do it?


  • Molly November 21, 2014 at 7:07 AM

    I tell my hubby that I really don’t need anything. When he presses, then I tell him it’s not a true gift if I TELL him what I want. You want to be surprised and you’re sure you’ll love whatever he gets you. In your case, I would then email him a link to your Pinterest page so at least he doesn’t go too far off the tracks. 🙂

    Now the pressure is off of you and onto him…as it should be. BUT – you indirectly told him with the Pinterest link.

    Don’t sweat it! Enjoy the love!

    • Stephanie November 21, 2014 at 7:26 AM

      Hahaha that is exactly what I was thinking about doing! It is the easiest way of doing things.
      You are so right!!! 🙂


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