The ciaou midi skirt

So, I have been trying to get this post done for a bit, and it seems every time I try my family interrupts me or I have to do something for everyone else. My time for me is never there, wish I could have me time. I don’t even get to take long showers. It took me a lot to film my recent YouTube video, sad but true. And that was rushed because I wanted to get it done before hubby got home . I wanted to get it done while the kids were distracted.

It is sad that I have to sneak around for that small bit of something for me. I mean when I took my school exam I had to keep stopping for my kids and hubby wanting to talk. I don’t get boundaries it as if he is allowed that when he works at home but I do not get the same respect. I am surprised I passed, I would have gotten a higher grade had I the quiet and help.

Now I love and adore my family. I love my boys , and I really know when they jump in my video they just want to be a part of it. They a cute,but run off with my stuff. And I am just venting as a lot of us do. So mama’s I feel ya! We do have good news! My son is all set for homeschool!

this skirt is just a beautiful and comfy piece! By Chinti and Parker, this midi skirt is fun and blue( also comes in beige) I wore it with a cute tee and Lele Sardoughi necklace!

Or rent the outfit below , rent the runway also has a purchase option!

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