The best sunscreen for the whole family!

*this post was written before a cup of coffee.*

I love when I find products that are not only good for me but good for my whole family. And that gets even better when I find stuff that is better for the enviroment! I do not know if you have seen the news, but Hawaii passed a bill on sunscreen. Banning certain sunscreens that have chemicals in them that hurt the coral reefs and ocean life. Chemicals like Oxybenzone and octinoxate  more specifically. I then started to look for something that would be safer for our oceans and for my family.

And then I looked in my Youngliving products, and found that their sunscreen does not contain those chemicals. The mineral sunscreen was added to my cart along with some diaper rash cream for baby E, and then I got my goodies! Now, accidentally Youngliving sent me the spf 10, instead of the 50. I need the 50 for the vampires I am raising. But after a quick chat online they sent me the right product for free! And now i have both. The spf 10 for everyday use and spf 50 for the pool and beach.

The Youngliving mineral sunscreen does not irritate my baby’s sensitive skin and my 5 yr old’s eczema prone skin either. And oh my god does it smell good!!!! And it works! That is the most important part, does it work? After spending hours and hours at the beach I can say yes! You do need to reapply after a while like any sunscreen but that is OK, and the fact that my son will actually let me put this stuff on his face whereas with the other sunscreen he wouldn’t and I would have to hold him down for it, it is amazing! And I think it is because he knows it doesn’t irritate him.

This mineral sunscreen is non toxic, dermatologist tested, contains non nano zincoxide, it is fast absorbing, and non greasy. This protects against UVA and UBV rays for up to 80 minutes.

As mom’s we want what is best for our littles, but in this day and age we need to think about the planet too. And I am glad I found a sunscreen that would help us with both.

now comes the shameless self promo. I sell Youngliving, I didn’t join for that purpose no, but I have fallen in love with my oils. And thought it is no different than promoting a regular beauty item. Yeah to buy this product you do have to sign up for Youngliving, it is free, but with that membership you can get your hands on top quality oils, and safe products like thieves for cleaning which was feautured in Good Housekeeping!

So, to get your sunscreen and fall in love with it like we did click below and sign up for Youngliving. Youngliving makes products that are high quality and they work. My son’s pulmonologist even said the blend of oils I use in his diffuser at night are a good combination

Click here and use member number 15063417

product number (#24137) $39.14


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