TBT: Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII

Yeah, I am going way back. This is a huge throw back. Final Fantasy VII, what a great game with graphics that today make my eyes bleed.



Yeah, so I named Cloud Barney. I also named Barret McButt. I laugh every time I look at it.  The controls for the PC version of this game are total garbage on a laptop so it is good to go into the game’s menu(when you can find it) and change it to custom. It will be a great and fabulous Idea.

Final Fantasy VII  fight system


Ok, and how could I not show the fighting sequence? This really didn’t change much and is still on a turn based system. Except for 12 which also involved a “gambit” system. I left that game running while I was at work and it still played through. Which proved you didn’t need to be home to play that game and grind out levels. Ahem, good job Squeenix. (sarcasm)


Oh, and running is a pain in this game on laptop. I am used to playing this game on Playstation as you can tell by my complaints.  But remember these graphics? Back in 1997 this was super!Final Fantasy VII for PC #TBT


Here it comes…Back in my day we didn’t have HD TV or High Def Graphics. We still had to use save crystals…Autosave? What is that Voodoo?

save crystals

Those were the days when saving your game meant leaving town or a save crystal. I know I should get into the story line a bit, but I am having too much fun with this silly nostalgia. And it is amazing as to how far the gaming industry has come. How much better the tech and graphics are as compared to that. I will admit it is hard playing this after being thrown into the beautiful worlds of Skyrim, Destiny, and Assasin’s Creed.


Destiny the game. XboxOne


But, the game is still one that calls you back some how. If they completley revamped Final Fantasy VII( a game most would say let die, but they wont because it made a lot of money. And let’s face it nothing really came close to that since..well maybe a few of Square Enix’s games.) But if they redid the graphics and left the story alone, would you play it? For the sake of Science? I would be first in line to. I will admit it, I will forever have a soft spot for Final Fantasy VII.


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