TBT, cherry raspberry pie.

Hi there friends! So back in November I made some delicious pie. It was one of those times where you run out of something and them subsitute. I was making a cherry pie. And only had one can of cherry filling. But, I had raspberry in the pantry. I was already committed to this pie as the cherry filling was in the deep dish. I thought what if I layered the two? Oh my stars and garters! It worked! And was so good. Soo good that I didn’t even get to eat any of said pie on Thanskgiving! My family told me how good it was. They loved it and fought over the last bit of pie left. Thanks guys. I was still savoring the turkey and smashed potatoes so I wasn’t too let down. That is until every family gathering from that point was “oh my god that cherry raspberry pie!” OK fam, I get it. It was good. So for this throw back Thursday, I shall share it with you. It really is as easy as pie. Lulz.

I like using Comstock pie filling and every now and then there are coupons and BOGO for them at the grocery store. First thing is the pie shell. You can make your own(I have tried and fail every time,tips?) or I buy the pie sheets. The pie sheets are great cause you can roll them out and we need that for the lattice.

You need one can of cherry and one can of raspberry.

You just pour the cherry in first then add the raspberry. No extra sugar is needed. This is so easy your kids can do this too. The lattice would be fun for them! 🙂

Here it is with both layers. Now let’s do the lattice! I want to get a crimp cutter but a pizza cutter will be fine too and just cut into strips.

You pull back a few strips and lay down the other strips. Then pull back the opposite strips. Remember weaving placemats in school? It’s like that only not with construction paper.

You then want to take a beaten egg and brush over the pie.

Bake for 45 to an hour at 400 degrees

Done! And yes it was good! Works best as deep dish.




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