Taking 10 minutes for me+ Target Cardigan and ankle boots.

Women’s Priscila Microsuede Glitter Heeled Bootie – A New DayTM • $37.99
Women’s Honeycomb Long Sleeve Open Neck Layering Sweater – Universal ThreadTM • $27.99
Gap First Layer Essentials Cami • Gap • $12
Sincerely Jules by Scünci Turban Headband • $9.99
Wild Fable Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans – Wild Fable Light Blue • $20
Coach Darla 32 • Coach • $595
Aeropostale Geometric Flat-Lens Sunglasses • Aeropostale • $9
Gucci – Gg Logo Raw Edge Leather Belt – Womens – Black • Gucci • $460

I keep being told I need to take at the minimum 10 minutes for myself. That 10 minutes should be for me to reset and have time for me to clear my head. As a mom of 2, one being on the spectrum, and as a wife I give so much of myself to everyone else that when it is time for me to self care there is nothing left. Nothing, the emotional well is empty. There is not a bit left for me to do what I should for me. It can be anything like yoga or exercise. It can be reading or coloring, or even a simple breathing exercise.  But when your kids do not nap or no one gives you a moment to yourself.  You feel run out. And I know many of you may feel that way. Parenting is hard. And we all have moments where we feel overwhelmed and need selfcare. But as moms I feel like we just put ourselves last. Yeah, getting makeup on new clothes to wear is all fine and good, but it is not the self care that we really need. To get in touch with ourselves to learn if we are over stressed, depressed, etc. At least before it goes over board and we end up crying in the bathroom alone with all the chaos happening around it. Depression, stress, and anxiety is real people. And as moms with lack of sleep and time we can run ourselves into the ground while crying.

Now as a mom I have to be on my feet running after my kids. And so comfy outfits are key, comfy outfits with comfy cardigans, jeggings, boots for fall and accessories to take it up a notch can really make a big difference. When we look good while being comfy we feel good. Even more so when it is comfy! This is the cardigan that I have been tossing around a lot getting the cardigan and then not getting the cardigan. I would shop put it in my Target cart and then guilt. The guilt made me put it back! Which is ok, but when I finally got the cardigan it made me super happy! Love it! This is the cardigan that is just perfection! And it is a size S!!!!


Now let us talk about these shoes!I got them in black and the grey!What I really love about them is the glitter! The sparkly heels remind me of some of Miu Miu heels and boots. You know they love putting glitter on the heels! These ankle boots are super comfy too!!

What are your thoughts on self care? What do you do to take care of your well being?

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