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Top spooky must haves for a night in

My top spooky night in must haves.

Hi there friends! With Halloween quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to do my personal top spooky night in must haves. This time of year just is perfect for watching fun scary movies or doing things like that. I mean why not, Halloween is for fun and jump scares. As well as candy, lots and lots of candy. This is…

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Skyrim is my relaxing time

Some people meditate, some exercise, do yoga, or cuddle up with a good book and read. I can do most of those things mentioned. But, what has  really relaxed me lately is Skyrim. This video game with it’s open world, never ending quests,and tons of equipment options,and music score that has it’s own playlist on my Pandora. This game  has…

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Good morning Sunday.

Hello all and good morning. I wanted to take a minute and talk about my excitement of the new Silent Hill. Which may not be released until 2016. Yes, we may have to wait. But with what I have been seeing so far, it could be well worth the wait. But PS4 released a playable teaser trailer if you want…

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Xbox fitness, kicking my own butt.

I am getting my zing back, my physical groove back, I am getting my sexy back. I want my son to have a hot mama, who is fit and healthy. I have been trying to work out every day. One day I work out on Xboxone Fitness to Jillian Michaels killer hips, buns, and thighs. Then the next day if…

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