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Palm print onepiece swimsuit.

I was hoping this summer to have the fully realized palm printed dream. A perfect palm print one piece swimsuit, a cute straw hat, and some summer fun. That was not the case, not in the slightest. We only just made it to the beach and I had to wear a suit that just barely fit me. JUST BARELY. Thanks…

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Summer style must haves from Zaful

Well, summer is almost here, and well for a lot of us, it is already here. In Florida it was 94 degrees yesterday where I live. Perfect beach weather for sure! And with summer here it is time to ditch the heavy stuff and opt for pretty dresses, shorts, and swimwear. I am thinking a lot of florals and bright…

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BEauch dey

H&M Swimwear finding the right suit.

Hi there friends! Happy days ahead. Summer is getting closer and closer for us. And that means swimwear, beaches, pools, bbq, more bbq, fireworks, and long days. And HOT FREAKING WEATHER. Which is why I am glad the beach is not too far from me. Because we can beat the heat in the summer with some ocean water and windy…

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SALE TIME! Spring faves!

Spring a ding is just around the corner, or for some already here! And it is time for that good old closet clean out! And what to do when you don’t have a stitch left in the closet? Fill it back up with some great pieces for the next two seasons! Spring and summer! Shein is having another sale! YAY!…

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