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Wearing a sweater dress in summer.

Hi friends! I wanted to say first happy happy Friday! And secondly, I want to talk about how summer is practically here. It is crazy isn’t it? Soon it will be 100+ temp days and lots of flip flops and ice creams.  I love dresses during this time of year, actually I love wearing dresses all year. Today, I want…

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A blue sweater dress outfit of the day

Hi there friends and happy Monday. I know Mondays are not normally known for being happy. Poor day gets its fair share of bad press, mainly because no one wants to go back to work or school. But, if it wasn’t Monday then it would be Tuesday’s job. Today, is a kind of a day where I want to wear…

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Yeah, wearing a sweater dress today.

I am cold and it is cool out. Plus I am still suffering from what ever cold this is. This Guess dress is perfect. I am not too hot nor am I freezing too badly. Yeah, sweatpants would be good. But, I spilled stuff on them and was like SCREW IT! I am comfy. Anyways, I feel better today than…

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