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Wearing a crop top after baby.

My body is in no way back to the way  it was before my little nugget butt arrived. Nope, in fact my body is all sorts of messed up. But, I will really touch on that in another post. Now I want to talk about wearing a crop top after having a baby. Now some may think well, yeah you…

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Fun and floral midi

Hi there friends! Happy Monday! Or as happy as it is going to get, right? I am not much of a Monday person either. Today is a hot day and summer although not officially started has started here. Hot,humid, and not friendly to curly crazy hair. Good ol summer time.  Can you believe that I don’t own any shorts aside…

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Simple white dress

Hi my friends! I just wanted to say HAPPY Monday! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I had down time and relaxed all weekend. I slept most of yesterday. Not good, I guess I am still getting over the Pneumonia . I hate it so much! I can not wait to get back to normal. Or as normal…

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