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Squeezable Sunday.

  It has been one of those weekends. You know things aren’t too bad but they aren’t too great either. When you have days like that sometimes all that you can do is snuggle the pet. The pet who is closest and willing to be squished. My big ol man was the volunteer. He actually came to me. And then…

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Santa Saturday

Ok friends. Today is the day we go to try and see Santa Claus  again. Last time didn’t end so well the boy was tired and hungry. Or as some would say hangry. Trying to get my little guy to cooperate  earlier and explain naps. He loves playing on our bed. And tried to get mama to play Xbox again.…

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Happy Cyber Monday!

Hello all! And it is a glorious Cyber Monday. I tried to go to EXPRESS to get a dress I wanted. It was 50% off and my size is gone. But I think it is a great dress and shared the deal on my Pinterest under fashion faves board.   This dress is 50% off and they have only medium…

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