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Justfab loreida

Sunday somethings; I just want to read.

By the time you are reading this,I will be chasing my little around the beach. My family and I relaxing on one of Florida’s beaches. But, that isn’t what this post is about. Today I have a momfession.  I want to read more. Lately I feel like ever time I sit to do so something happens and I can’t. When…

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Currently reading. Beach Worthy books.

Hi there friends! We all know I love reading. I love it! There is nothing better than a good book series and a good cup of coffee. Well other than the backdrop! Like say, the beach? Yes, today’s focus is on beach worthy books! Let me say something too about this list, a lot if not all of these books…

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Coffee break! Sort of..

  I am bringing you this post by way of coffee and a good read. Who am I kidding? I try to read this and get interrupted by everyone. I swear I shall be 90 by the time I read this book again or the Silmarillion. Crap, I was reading The Fault in Our Stars again and got interrupted even…

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I read a book!

Well, parts of a book. I decided to read one of my favorite books again, Gone with The Wind. I love this book and it is a great story. One of times sort of not so long ago,yet it is so long ago. The story of Scarlet and Rhett. It isn’t just a story about them it is also about…

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And they say inflation does not exist.

Inflation is a lot like Santa Claus.  Why? Because many economists think Inflation does not exist.  Ok well it does. Here is some proof. Take these children books by Golden Books. Or A little golden book. That book was from when my siblings were really little, before me. The book was $.69. Yes, 69 cents for a book. Wow. This…

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