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Statement jewelry and tulle skirts

We all know I love me some tulle skirts! We also know that I love statement jewlery too. Especially necklaces. And when I am actually wear them. It has been hard to wear either when yo uh have a baby who want to grab everything and also chew every thing. My skirt and the necklace fell victim to E and…

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Coffee break! Sort of..

  I am bringing you this post by way of coffee and a good read. Who am I kidding? I try to read this and get interrupted by everyone. I swear I shall be 90 by the time I read this book again or the Silmarillion. Crap, I was reading The Fault in Our Stars again and got interrupted even…

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Sheinside lace skirt and hm shirt.

  Hi readers! It is almost Halloween time! I am no where near done. I some how have to find time to finish my costume, my son’s costume, and the last minute costume of my sith lord. Wish me luck. And oh, I also have to clean and such in between.  I actually got a daily outfit done today!! Woohoo!!Today’s…

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