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OOTD sweater and OTK boots

Frequent Flyer.

OK, so I wore this outfit a bit ago. I just didn’t get around to blogging it.Why you may ask? Well, life kinda happens and it gets in the way of other things. And so here we are, a week later and I am finally getting around to getting this outfit on the blog. I at least posted it on…

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Monochrome ootd

Tulle skirt

Hi there friends! Happy Black Friday! Today, I am sitting at home, decorating. Well trying to decorate. It is hard to decorate with the wee lad home and he keeps trying to do his thing while I do my thing. And then when it comes to the tree, well I forgot where it was. Until I later found it! But…

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fall outfit of the day

Honey, I shrunk your sweater.

OOPS. Is the theme of today’s crazy post. I wasn’t sure I was going to do a post and things like that and then I opened the drier. AND OH MY GOD no, I shrank my husband’s sweater. Um, crap. Of all the things, it must have jumped in the drier. Must have. IT went to Narnia and came back…

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Express crop and skirt

Hi there friends! How are you all this fine day? Me? Pretty good it is the weekend! I am enjoying the time with my little one before he goes back to school in the late summer/fall.  Today’s outfit is all monochrome again. I have a thing for monochrome outfits can you tell? I am wearing a crop that I bought…

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Revisiting the lace crop top.

I got this awesome Crop a few years ago from SHEIN and still love it. I still enjoy the chunky lace and how it looks with different options from my closet. Especially the black pants that I have and hardly wear because of the cat glitter. CAT glitter is cat furs that get trapped on the pants or other clothing…

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Simply Monochrome

Hi there friends. Hope your weekend is doing great!  Mine is OK,  slowly losing my voice and after a night of hacking up my lungs I am surprised I am still awake and moving. Or that I actually got dressed and makeup on. But, after being sick for a week you get to the point where you want out of…

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Monochrome lines

Hi there friends and happy happy Monday! Erica is nothing but a blurb around here. The storm is pretty much nothing right now. Orlando is  pretty much OK. Just a few storms here and there throughout the next couple of days. Flooding is now a concern. Oh joy. The joys of hurricane season! Today, I was able to get a…

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