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pastel outfit of the day

Purple Pastels outfit

Hello there and happy Monday! Bleh Monday’s is more like it, am I right? Yeah. Anways, today I was feelin the spring vibes and so I got out the flowy purple skirt and purple heels. Then thought, crap what to wear with this? Ummmm….crap. SO, I did the logical ME thing and grabbed the nearest graphic tee which is this…

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flatlay too faced

Patience  on a Monday.

Today is a bit of a great day, although my feathers are a bit ruffled.I am going to go a small rant. I’m am having a problem with patience.  When it comes to my kid I can very patient when it merrits. When it comes to me the same. But! And there is a but,(heh) when it comes to when…

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How to style a graphic tee and midi skirt.

Hi gang!Today’s post is a bit later than usual. I really need to get back on a blogger schedule. They really work and I got messed up schedule wise with all the things happening here. Life happens. And today was no exception.  I had errand after errand for my lo to do and that takes up a good part of…

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Thursday Things a midi dress.

Hey friends, I am still under the weather. Today I am trying to think of what to post and I have several outfits! Thank goodness I took these before I came down with the plague. I want to show you these things this Thursday! Sorry for not a lot of typing, my head and hands don’t work well today. Midi…

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Grey sweater dress and shiny shoes

Hey friends happy Wednesday ! I hope you all have a great day! Today was a good day but a sad one too.  My son started school today. It was his first day of VPk. It was my first day without my little booger butt running me ragged through the house. I didn’t know what to do, but luckily for…

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lavender musings

Hi there friends! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was alright. I feel kind of under the weather today, yay. I think I either have a cold or my allergies are just awful. seriously I can not keep my poor eyes from watering. Yucky. So I wanted some softness in today’s outfit. Which started out fun…

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What I wore the weekend styles.

Hello there friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty good! I had a #mamasdayoff Saturday. Where I was kicked out of the house until 4pm and then date night! Yay! So I want to share my Saturday outfits or rather my date night outfit and the goofing off I did by myself Saturday! This mug speaks to…

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Miista, it’s Tuesday shoesday!

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday Shoesday! So far 2016 has been busy! And it has only been five days!  I posted a great outfit post on Saturday, you can check that out here . Still hard to believe 2015 is gone!   Today we are more shoe focused! I love these shoes and the minute I saw them on Ifchic I…

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My Ifchic24 wish list.

Hi there friends! Happy Thursday! And Just think in a few days it will be another #ifchic24. So what will you get? Have you been getting your coins? I posted my last #ifchic24 list here and I got the KYE bee shirt as well as a cute Mohzy bag or two. Well, it is time for another list as in 2 days…

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