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l'occitane en provence

L’Occitane En Provence

Pronounced LOX-EE-TAN , began in the markets in Provence by a 23 year old by Oliver Boussan with a small truck and lots of knowledge of herbs. He began by distilling rosemary essential oil. Which he sold locally, then branched out to make soaps, and other products you see today. This is a company that prides itself on research and…

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OOTD Monochrome

What do I wear? Monochromatic Monday.

Ever have those mornings where you just stand in the closet and think ” What am I going to wear today?” That was me for sure this morning! I was standing there touching each shirt, flipping each hanger, looking and scrutinizing everything. I went for the fall back graphic tee, and a bold skirt. And yeah, We all know I…

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Monochrome ootd

Tulle skirt

Hi there friends! Happy Black Friday! Today, I am sitting at home, decorating. Well trying to decorate. It is hard to decorate with the wee lad home and he keeps trying to do his thing while I do my thing. And then when it comes to the tree, well I forgot where it was. Until I later found it! But…

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What I wore Wednesday: colorful maxi

Hi there friends! I am hoping to get this post here done before my afternoon is full of Team Umi Zumi or however it is spelt. Today’s WhatIwore Wednesday features a new skirt that I got from SHEIN. I saw the bright colors and fell in love!!! Also right quick before time runs out be sure to check out the…

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Good time in navy blue.

Happy Tuesday. I just love that fall is creeping around the corner. I can not wait for boot weather, if we get any. Here in Florida it varies. Like yesterday, it was 66 in the morning! Yay! I was able to sit outside with my little one and have a morning coffee outside. Good times. And as for today, I…

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Into the woods.

Hello there friends! I hope you are all having a marvelous Thursday! I love days where things are going well in the morning and I get to enjoy a HOT cup of coffee.The walks we go on are always full of adventure and fun. Never a dull moment. And I love how in the morning the light creeps in through…

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Flowy maxi skirt love

Hi there friends! Well as you know I love maxi skirts and I especially love it when they have this flowy movement. There is just something so fairytale like about them. The skirt I am wearing is from Lookbook store. I got it awhile ago and still love it! I can not get enough of this darned skirt! I paired…

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Just love those flowy skirts.

Hi there Tuesday! It is one of those days where I have no clue what to write. Last night I got absolutely no sleep at all. And the tiny child didn’t either. YAY! Today’s outfit of the day is a simple and comfortable one. I chose a nice flowy lavender maxi skirt with massive twirl factor that I bought from Lookbook store.…

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