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At home with Femmeluxe Finery

Hi neighbors, I don’t know about you all but I am getting a tad stir crazy.And while I love being at home, I really do miss the adventures my kids and I had out of the home. I say that and want to just curl up in a ball because of pain, periods are fun right?  And days like this all…

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The updated sweat pants by uniqlo #fashionblogger #sweatpants #ootd #uniqlo #holidays

The updated sweat pants. Uniqlo

So, yeah we went to Lowes and let me tell you there is nothing better than chasing a energetic 5yr old . And thank goodness I was dressed for the occasion! Wearing some awesome sweatpants, sweatpants that are so comfy but also are not the sweat pants you may be familiar with. Uniqlo has given the humble Sweat pant a…

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