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Overdressed? Never!

I have to say , I am a lot of the times feeling overdressed. I would be called a diva, high maintenance and all of those things. And the constant comments from people(even my own spouse who always has to make a comment about my wearing heels on top of the comments about my makeup or clothing.) left me feeling…

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Gucci skirt, shoes, brooch, makeup, Caroline Constas blouse, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Shopping Edit: Out of the Galaxy with Gucci.

Carolina Constas top// Gucci pin// Too Faced planner// Gucci Fluer//Gucci sequin skirt// Gucci lipgloss// Gucci Nail polish// Gucci Glitter pumps// Rebecca Minkoff Velvet bag OK, So since I am still sick I made this outfit collage while kind of awake at 3AM. I couldn’t sleep, this coughing keeps me up and then the nose thing too. I figured this skirt…

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