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6 must have foundations for any budget! #beauty #makeup #beautyblog

6 Must have foundations for any budget!

As a makeup user and as a blogger I get to try my fair share of foundations! I have tried some crap ones, some mediocre ones, and some utterly fantastic foundations! Foundations that would be great for anyone! Some of the foundations are Vegan and cruelty free and they worked well with my super sensitive and allergic to everything skin.…

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Loreal True MAtch lumi cushion

The beauty review: Loreal True match Lumi Cushion

Hi there friends! It’s time for another beauty review! Today we are discussing the Loreal True Match Lumi cushion. And after last weeks debacle with Redken’s product(you can read that lovely review here) I figured it is time for makeup. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers talking about this product or products like it. And when I got some…

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