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NEwchic Maxi dress

Vintage florals with Newchic!

Hi there friends! And what a day! I hope you got a lot of candy last night. I spent the night on the couch with my little one sick as anything. He was fine, me not so much. And still today not that great. But when you are a bloggeraholic you feel that need to get up and get shit…

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hm dress and green scarf

#ootd Styling a scarf for fall!

Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today was a nice cool moring! It was fall a fall morning!!! I got so excited that after we went grocery shopping to refill the fridge after we lost all our food, that I had to come home and take pictures of today’s OOTD. I really am excited. It is a day…

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Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all and thanks for stopping by!!! I have gotten some more decorations up for Halloween.  And my little one has destroyed my office. Nothing is safe anymore. Makes me wonder how the Christmas tree will survive this year. The joys of having a 1 year old. I am truly afraid for my Christmas decor this year. I am…

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Sweater sale. Sheinside.

Fall is coming and I guess you need a piece of sweater. Keep your look at these most-loved collections!! $25 OFF of Fall-Sweaters for you. Code:sweater25 There is a pretty great sale going on right now online with sheinside.com. I picked out some favorites, as well as skirts. I am a sucker for skirts. Beige long sleeved elephant sweater Red…

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Falling for fall.

It is the official first day of fall, and you know what that means? Cooler weather (for some), pumpkin spice EVERYTHING , Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall crafts, pumpkins,and cozy sweaters. This is the time of year I start to really love. I can actually go outside!  It starts to cool down some and be bearable. I love fall walks and when…

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Thursday and no idea what to write.

Hi all, it is Thursday and I had an outfit of the day. But, no pictures. Sorry. I had a ton of errands to do and didn’t even get to them all. Like the grocery store. Yeah. Early morning trip for me! Wahoo. Joy. And it hit me today holidays(saw a Spirit Halloween store)are coming up and it is supposedly…

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Can’t wait for cooler weather.

I can not wait for some cooler weather here. I love this jacket by Calvin Klein. It is so bright and cheerful. It has been a horribly hot summer and I for one can not wait for cooler weather. I want to take my little man on our long walks without feeling like I just walked through Mordor with Frodo.…

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