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stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale top

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, not an easy thing to do. Your comfort zone is called that for a reason, you are comfy and you do not deviate from it. This can be something that happens in parenting, blogging, fashion, travel, and food even! There is a comfort zone in each! Today on Glamorousandgeeky.com I am talking about the…

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On Trend with StyleWe. OOTD.

There comes a time when you see something when shopping in store or online and you just know it was meant for you to wear! And that friends is how I feel about this amazing 2 piece suit from StyleWe. It screamed GET ME! It is a unique suit. With the overalls detaching in a way that is really unique!…

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Fall Colors! Styling a dress for Fall.

Hi there friends! What a glorious fall day! Today I went outside to let the dog out and it was beautiful. It was cool out! I imediatley knew what I was going to wear. I grabbed my new Tobi Bethany Shift dress! I love the wine color of this dress and just love how fall like it is! This my…

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Tibi tibi tibi.

Hi friends! Today on the blog is actually the outfit I wore yesterday. Believe me you don’t want to see what I am wearing today. Which consists of a stained Universal Studios shirt, my LOTR yoga pants, and leopard socks. Truly a sight to behold. I’m telling you a thing of beauty. I am cleaning today and I don’t want…

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hm dress and green scarf

#ootd Styling a scarf for fall!

Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today was a nice cool moring! It was fall a fall morning!!! I got so excited that after we went grocery shopping to refill the fridge after we lost all our food, that I had to come home and take pictures of today’s OOTD. I really am excited. It is a day…

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OOTD: Going green.

Hi there friends! I just wanted to say HI~! And explain that if you do not see a blog post for a few days it is because I may not have power. As you know hurricane Matt is coming for a FL visit. And not a pleasant visit a painful visit where flooding and lawn furniture being airborn is common…

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How to style a graphic tee and midi skirt.

Hi gang!Today’s post is a bit later than usual. I really need to get back on a blogger schedule. They really work and I got messed up schedule wise with all the things happening here. Life happens. And today was no exception.  I had errand after errand for my lo to do and that takes up a good part of…

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