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Baby it’s hot outside. Fall outfit!

  OK, so fall has officially started. Alright maybe not here in Florida but it is definitely here in our own Florida way. The days are getting shorter, Halloween decorations are starting go up in my neighborhood. Everything is pumpkin spice and everything is feeling like it should be 15 degrees cooler. But, it isn’t that. At all! So, here…

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how to care for curly hair

My hair care faves

I am just now in my 30’s(gasp) starting to love my curly mop more. As a kid it was just a puff ball of fluff. No one ever knew what to do with it as everyone else had straight hair. I got the curls. YAY? Anyways, I have had such a love hate relationship with this hair. And I said…

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What I wore Cold shoulder

      OK, so yesterday was full of errands with the lad, I had just enough time to get this outfit shot and done. But by the time I was finished running around with him to appointments. We had to get a new OT for him, I was too tired to even think of posting an outfit of the…

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styling a metallic skirt like ablogger boss

Styling a power outfit

  Styling a power outfit, wow that can be tricky. I think we should all have that ONE outfit that makes us feel like a boss lady. We all need that outfit that is a bit aggressive, a bit over the top, and oh so elegant in a way. Yes, there is the “power suit” but what about those if…

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The plaid shirt

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would own plaid or have plaid in my closet. My Answer would have been a big ol, no. Not that I had any greivances with the pattern. Not at all, but it just didn’t appeal to me. Was it the over wearing of it? Who knows, but I jumped…

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Belk lancome

Belk Mini Haul! LANCOME!!!!

Hi there friends! Happy Saturday!!!! Today I wanted to share my Belk Mini Haul and YouTube Video of that particular haul! I went to Belk for a new LAncome Dual Finish powder. AS you will see in the YouTube video. Let me tell you this powder is my life!!!!!! I always go back to it. It is that good! I…

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Off the shoulder and bold prints

Again, not a nifty title anywhere for this blogeroo. Just another day of off shoulder shirts and some bold prints. I knw what the heck happened? MY monochrome will be back. It is never truly gone from my realm. So I guess it is safe to say that I am OBSESSED with the off shoulder trend. Which is weird for…

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Sheinside Shop now: off shoulder tops!

Hi friends! I can not say enough about how much I am IN LOVE with the off shoulder trend this summer. I am loving the simplicity of it and the chicness of the trend. This is something you can really dress up or down. And I have been on Polyvore posting away off shoulder this and off shoulder that. Can…

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