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If it fits! The Real Real thrifting.

  Wear it! I am so excited that this top fits again! I feel progress! I feel amazing! This Diane Von Furstenberg top is a size 0, and I am able to once again put it on! I know it is a bit bigger of a style top, but this gorgeous silk blend balloon sleeved blouse is one that I…

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Date Night outfit.

Date night, ahh the glorious night where you can leave the house sans kiddo and have fun with the hubby or So.(for us who have the littles.) And with Valentines Day coming up really quick. Why not think about that gorgeous date outfit for that amazing Valentines day plan? Whether it is for Valentines day or just a date night…

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So Vogue

I was going to post this yesterday. AKA that awesome day known as MONDAY. WOW. Monday was totally a butt kicker. Evil evil Monday. Anyways, today I thought I would post something I shot last week. I bought this shirt from TheRealReal, I love shopping there. It is a DVF and silk and sooo perfect for day or night. Well, I…

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DVF and the post that almost wasn’t

Hi there friends! We all have those days where we are super tired and super not wanting to be part of the human collective. I was feeling that way today. I was up most of the night and just look and feel exhausted. There was just a lot to do about the house. And yet there I was on a…

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Diane Von Furstenberg shirt

Hi there friends! I know I normally don’t post anything on Saturdays and Sundays are usually for shopping posts. But this was something I just HAD to share. And since I am under the weather. Thanks tiny child you are very good at sharing. Anyways, I posted about a fabulous company called Haute Trader here on the bloggeroo. If you…

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