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Summer Denim Shopping Sunday #fashion #denim #menswear #ladiesfashion

Shopping Sunday! Summer Denim!

Summer Denim, is kind of like the rest of the year denim. Really there is not much difference. The difference in them is that it is being worn in summer, and you can wear shorts without freezing! On today’s shopping Sunday it is about Denim for her and him! Oh and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY! For her True Religion Topstitched Flap…

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ALDO bag styled with a basic tee

ALDO shoes and ALDO Bag

OK So by now you’re probably sick of this ALDO bag, right? I hope not! And if you are sorry but I will be on the blog for a while as it is super cute and a great summer print! I saw this beauty during a mommy time out in the ALDO store I was shopping in, and never let it…

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Go HOME fashion you’re drunk! Dirty Denim

OK Gang it is that time again! Time for another installment of GO HOME FASHION you’re drunk….ONCE again it would seem that denim and jeans are the forefront of the WTH status. My dad actually brought up this one for this week’s segment! Thanks DAD! This time the culprit is from Nordstrom and it is dirty denim? What the hell???…

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Go home fashion you’re drunk.

Hi there friends! How are you!? I am writing a part of a new segment called go home fashion, you’re drunk! And this time it features something a bit um..I dont even know. But I do know that some of these jeans are $2000 a pop! For a pair of jeans that zip up around the butt and to the…

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Plaid in summer

OK so this post almost didn’t happen. My whole weekend teetering on collapse. Yesterday after dealing with the migraine from hell Friday through now and my phone being inaccessible it was a day that required me to really go back to bed. Back to bed instead of being in a social situation. But, I didn’t. I got up got dressed…

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Stripes and flares

Hi there friends! How are you all doing this fine Monday? Me? Pretty good and on my 3rd cup of coffee. Yeah, I need that much today. Been really tired. Anyways, summer is on full blast here. And yet I am still wearing jeans. (I don’t own any shorts.) I am taking a day off from skirt wearing to wear…

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Who lives in a pineapple tee?

SPONGBOB SQUAREPANTS! HEH.   Ok, yeah I have been wanting to use that as a blog title since I got this awesome shirt. I bought it from SHEIN during an awesome sale. I love it! Such a cute top and I wore it with pants and some sandals. As well as a great hat for keeping my hair under some…

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Florals and flares

Hi friends! Today I was going to put on a post for Tech Thursday or Techday Thursday, but I haven’t been able to really dive into the closet app I wanted to do. I have been so busy, and I have fallen behind on outfits too! UGH! YEsterday, I was trying to get somethings done here and took my son…

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Feel the Flare

Hi friends it is Friday and you know what that means?! It is the weekend and tomorrow is Saturday.  I have to say after yesterday’s awesomeness, I am so happy to have gotten a full nights sleep and let me tell you I can so tell the difference. Today, my little lad and I are trying to keep each other…

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