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Surviving CVS, mama’s logue

You can really get some amazing deals at CVS and Walgreens, but with all the talks of rewards points or extra care rewards;it can get pretty intimidating. In fact, it can get darn right scary. But there is way to get through the confusion and score some big deals. All while maintaining your couponer composure, ie no shelf clearing and…

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Quest to save you money!

Today is Sunday and that means a trip to cvs to get more newspapers. While there I got some great things. I picked up some Loreal powder and Creme liner. This is the closet thing to Lancôme, seeing as they OWN the company . Being on a tight budget, I got the powder and liner. I had coupons worth a…

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Black Friday and you. Survival guide.

Oh Black Friday will be upon us like a incoming hurricane before you know it. And the question is will you be prepared? There are several ways to be prepared for this event that happens every year. And I am going to share some of the ways my family does it. Step 1. Game plan. That’s right everyone, a game…

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