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What I Wore Wednesday, cold shoulder.

I know I have worn this shirt a dozen times before. It is one of my many faves from EXPRESS. I love the stretchy material and that it is a black shirt. Goes with everything. And I hope you are not tired of this gorgeous JUSTFAB bag. Because I certainly am not! Look at it! It is a gorgeous bag!…

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structured handbags

Shopping Edit: Structured handbags

Hi there friends! Happy Thursday! I just figured I would post a quick shopping edit. And just say one thing I JUST WANT ONE WEEK OF NOT BEING SICK OR INJURED! Oh my god, I screwed my neck up in my sleep. I have no idea what happened. Just that it did and I hate life right now. SO, anyways.I…

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styling a metallic skirt like ablogger boss

Styling a power outfit

  Styling a power outfit, wow that can be tricky. I think we should all have that ONE outfit that makes us feel like a boss lady. We all need that outfit that is a bit aggressive, a bit over the top, and oh so elegant in a way. Yes, there is the “power suit” but what about those if…

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Sweater Weather with Zaful

  Hi there friends! How are you?! I am enjoying this sweater weather! And today on GFD I have teamed up with Zaful to share some awesome sweaters! Since the weather is getting cooler it is time, time to bring out the long sleeves and grab the boots. And this sweater from Zaful was perfect for this chilly weather.  I…

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OOTD: Going green.

Hi there friends! I just wanted to say HI~! And explain that if you do not see a blog post for a few days it is because I may not have power. As you know hurricane Matt is coming for a FL visit. And not a pleasant visit a painful visit where flooding and lawn furniture being airborn is common…

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Leopard coat and OTK boots

Hi there friends it is another, brain fart not sure what to call this post. Post thing. I am sitting here at whatever PM it is trying to stay awake long enough to write some thing down. Being an adult is hard isn’t it? Being a parent is hard. Remember when we were all young and could stay up all…

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Vacation Dreaming

Hi there friends it is almost turkey time! Tomorrow will be full of baking pies and getting ready for Thanksgiving and making my Wine based Cranberry sauce. It also brings to mind some vacation dreams, why? Well, I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time. And I started to think about Vegas. I know quite of bit of…

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