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exhaustion + fall favorites with Amazon FAshion #ootd #fashion #amazonfinds

Exhaustion + fall favorites Amazon fashion

I am tired. Exhausted, pooped, done. Mentally and physically tired. Everything hurts and I want to die(not really). I have not been sleeping well due to my sons both having issues of their own. One was very sick and teething the other his normal stuff. And me and my husband are functioning on a thread of sleep. A sliver of…

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Amazon find you must have!

I love Amazon, as do a lot of other people. I mean shipping is usually quick, there is PRIME! And you can buy a lot of random stuff, like a 5lb bag of sugarfree gummy bears(read the comments on it) You will laugh hysterically. Anyways, in another blog post I wrote about these leopard leggings, and I have to say…

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