Fallout 4 vault suit Spirit Halloween

Super mom story, it started with a vault suit.

Last Halloween if you were to ask me if I would make my son a costume this year, I would have said your were mad and then say never again. And yet here I am trying to be the stereotypical “super mom” making my son’s costume this year again. Again after I said I would not be doing that this year. I said I would just save my time, my money(it gets pricey), my sanity and just buy his costume.
And yet, here is am stabbing myself with needle and thread making my son a vault suit because someone here had to go as the character from her fave game Fallout 4. Ok, it is one of my fave games, I swear I am loyal Dragon Age. So what happened to change my mind?

It started with a vault suit.

Fallout 4 vault suit Spirit Halloween

I was browsing online at Spirit Halloween for a new costume, I was not going to waste my time making one this year. It got pricey making Elsa come to life. And being pregnant I just wanted something fun. Something I could be comfortable in. So, online I went browsing for costumes before I went and got one. And then I saw it, a Fallout 4 Vault Tech suit. It looked comfy online, and so I went to the Spirit Halloween store to try it on and got a size large, which fit belly and all. So those are made a bit small.

Fallout 4 vault suit Spirit Halloween

After I tried it on I bought the last one in large, it was comfy so thought it was great to have to take my son trick or treating in! I figured buying him one would be easy. It was in no way easy to find a vault suit. No way at all. I checked Bethesda for a possibility of it after seeing something about a limited edition set of vault suit onesies for toddlers up to size 5t! And nothing, I saw things on eBay for over $50 for a child’s costume. And for a child’s costume that is was too freaking much!! I do not have Lannister or Tyrell money.
So after feeling the stab of defeat, I thought OK find a pair of blue onesie pajamas and modify it. Guess what? There were none. So again, I have to rethink. I wanted to have my son match because he will be comfortable in this kind of costume! That is when it hit me, I could just make it! Oh crap. That is not what I want to do I thought to myself as I was cursing at Joann Stores site. And yet there I was one fateful Saturday buying a cheap 3 dollar pattern for littles Jammie’s for the tiny child to have a vault suit.
Oh joy.
I put this thing together wrong so many times, and because the latter was an “easy” or ” beginners” level I didn’t think it would be hard. Ha. It was awful. And the instructions on how to sew it were so vague you couldn’t figure out how to make it without watching YouTube for another person to make it,
After I made one adjustment, the costume came together and I started to fly through the sewing.

Fallout 4 vault suit handmade Halloween Toddler CostumeOnce, I figured out my mistakes with this IKEA type pattern, actually IKEA makes easier to follow instructions. This, was just a fun nightmare. But in reality I was not having fun until I fixed things.

Fallout 4 vault suit handmade Halloween Toddler CostumeFallout 4 vault suit handmade Halloween Toddler CostumeIf it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t buy the suit I wouldn’t be making it by hand. I would not be having that headache. And I am just kicking myself for saying ” This year will be different! I will just buy the costume!”. I should have known that something like this would have happened. This Super Mom just made her son a vault suit for Halloween. I guess, not all super heroes wear capes! This one wears a Vault Tech Suit!


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