Justfab loreida

Sunday somethings; I just want to read.

Justfab loreida

By the time you are reading this,I will be chasing my little around the beach. My family and I relaxing on one of Florida’s beaches. But, that isn’t what this post is about. Today I have a momfession.  I want to read more. Lately I feel like ever time I sit to do so something happens and I can’t. When I go to my son’s dr appointments I try to read, but the waiting room lately has not allowed the more silent chaos for me to read.

I have just gotten my new book and have yet to really dive into it. I want to write the review, but I would love to finish it. Even though the version I read in the silmarillion is I think the last part of the book.  So, being at the beach we shall see if I can get some reading done! Is that selfish?

I have been able to play some Dragon Age origins  on my Xbox One. And I have been loving it. Old graphics sure but, still a good game. It has a solid story line too, as most of the series does.

Xbox made me a thing

Xbox made me a thing

This is from my twitter @gofashiondeals

I was hoping I would have this post up before I went to the beach, and well life happened and I forgot. GO me. I am genius like that. So this is a bit of an update blog post, I guess. Nothing fancy, no HEY look at this. Just this is what I am feeling today, and this is what I am doing.

Right now I am back home sitting on the couch working on the ol bloggeroo. Exciting right? Well, what is exciting is I have a couple of things to do on the blog that you all will love!

beren and luthien

Until then, have a glorious day!


AND I am out of the coloring books!!!!!

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