Sunday somethings with

Sunday somethings. A day of nothing.

glamorousandgeekySundays are meant for lazy days, right? Well if you are mom maybe not. And if you have a child rambunctiously destroying the house that you are trying to keep clean it is not by any means a lazy day. I tried so hard to get this silly post up all afternoon and night but had so much to do and by the time I FINALLY got the little down for bed. He was back up and by the time I could relax it was almost 11pm. So I got to bed like a rock star and fell asleep with that screw it attitude! I am barely surviving off the copious cups of coffee I have been draining.

Just bleh, bleh. Bleh. I will probably not get todays outfit of the day up on the blog until later today or tonight . And may I apologicze for typos and misspelling. The lack of sleep and all. We had a rough night in the mom land.

Sunday somethings with Glamorousandgeeky.comI spent the day with a clingy sir who wanted mommy to do nothing but snuggle and play Dragon Age 2 for xbox 360, which he actually calls it HAWK. Because Dragon Age is a hard name to say for him, considering he just became able to say “silly” I was so proud when he said that word. When you have a little with any disability you celebrate the little things. The tiniest things that may not seem like much to others are quite a big deal here! And we celebrate it! Friends he said “Silly Sam” for Sam I am on green eggs and ham!!!!


Dragon Age is one of my fave series of video games out, besides Final Fantasy and Silent Hill. Which Silent hill is one that can NOT be played when the little is up. Rated M for a reason. Scary game is scary to littles. I guess I could have played Mess Effect…I mean Mass Effect…..

Cc Bioware. Character is mine.
Looks like her head is trying to fall off..

Anyways, the day was not all Sunshine and Unicorn Farts this whole weekend. The little discovered he can flush things down the toilet and proceeded to try and flush his little socks down it! WOW, time out time. And then it was fit after fit. So no blogging work. And then I made him help pick up his toys (GAWD forbid we do that!) and I became Sauron to him at that moment and he was determined to smite me by flushing one of my sleeping masks that match my pjs from Victoria’s Secret. Such a naughty little elfling.

But, after a few hours of good times we went to the park, as I realized he was bored, I was bored and we were sick of each other. So to the splash park.

And we played for about an hour or two.

I got to read and do yoga outside. I need a new yoga mat. Anyways. It was great to stretch and watch him play.

Necklace Zaful, It is so shiney and sparkly. Love it and that justfab bag.

ANd I discovered I have resting “mom face” I brought Sam(my tipod) with me so I can get “some” blog work done and every picture was “mom face”. If you follow my insta @glamorousandgeeky you may have seen it. The resting mommy face. UGH. But I mean look at that lipstick, love that color Conspiracy from Urban Decay!!! So pretty!


But back at home we got back into video games, snacks, and cuddles. The little took a nap and I got to breathe for a moment. Did dishes and prepped dinner.  YAY. Today, being Monday, I am doingall the loud stuff he can not bear to deal with VAccuming and such. Anyways. How was your weeked?

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  • Laura May 1, 2017 at 3:00 PM

    What a weekend! Sometimes you just have to stop and try and be a mom. It’s hard sometimes! Hope this week isn’t as stressful for you!

    • Stephanie May 2, 2017 at 12:41 AM

      Yup! So true. This weekend was just full of those kinds of moments and that is fine. 🙂

  • Glogeworld May 1, 2017 at 6:45 PM

    Hahaha Sunday could be a lazy day for me sometimes, even when I have many things to do on Sunday, I just don’t feel to be bothered. Once I come back from church, I want to be on my bed. I love the color of your game pad

    • Stephanie May 2, 2017 at 12:40 AM

      I hear ya, I feel the same way!!

  • yuka May 2, 2017 at 9:05 AM

    you guys look like you are having so much fun! I love a lazy Sunday!


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