Sunday funday and a cake.

I actually typed this up last night to post it on the blog. And wellllll…I fell asleep. I fell asleep hard. So, here is the post that should have been posted yesterday but wasn’t due to me falling asleep. Is it bad that I had pie for breakfast today?

Happy Father’s day. Great day for celebrating dad! Well we should really be greatful  for them every day.  I finally have time to sit and work on this post for the bloggeroo. So here is my day today.

Father’s Day!
I got my hubby Witcher 3 and a big breakfast made by yours truly.
Not a bad start to the day.
I also surprised him with a Star Wars water bottle with the Milinium Falcon on it. I told him it was for the tiny child. Gotcha!

And in the middle of all the Father’s day festivities  my family surprised my sis and I with some birthday fun, since she just had one and I have one coming up.
Mom handed me a headpiece and I had to wear it right? I am a dork, so why not?



So time for some Pink Moscato and a pink Flamingo wine glass. And it was a makeup free day.



Love this. And so very pink. Love it! Another plus, was it is plastic! So my clumsy self couldn’t break it.


What day is better than a day with cake or a pie for dad ! The cake was just chocolate on top of chocolate with a side of chocolate. The holes in the cake were from 2 sets of birthday candles with our ages on them. Sorry this wasn’t a better picture. My family was in a rush to eat it.



Earlier before cake I had my fave shirt dress from Mango on as well as some cute gladiators. Which ended up in the splash pool.



And there is why.

wpid-20150621_135134.jpgHe loves this little pool and wanted mama to get in with him. This little splash pool has a lot of things with it and is so much fun! You can get at Target stores.
It was great purchase.



We ended the day at a lake watching the sunset. Or at least close to it. Tiny child was hot and tired. He didn’t nap….again. ahhhhhh!



I figured I would end the post with some more random stuff from my weekend. YAY random stuff.




This was my little one’s outfit yesterday. I ironed the shirt. But he got a hold of it and well there went that.



My makeup bag this weekend. Woo!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!!! 🙂



  • mihaela June 22, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    i love this ;)) have an amazing day!


    • Stephanie June 22, 2015 at 12:28 PM

      Thanks Mihaela!!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


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