Sun, sea,sand, and bad hair!

It was time I got back to reality. Yesterday was the last day of our first family vacation to south Florida. It was a good time! But, I forgot something really important. Conditioner and my flat Iron. I left Roxanne home. Yes, savvy shoppers I named my CHI Roxanne. Actually it was a friend that named her. She is a moody CHI.

We get there and the weather was too die for. So nice and warm. But the ocean was so very cold. We were only about 20 mins from Miami and no we didn’t go to Ultra. I hear it was fabulous and scary at the same time. We were content with the beach. Relaxation with the boy was our family goal. We got it!

I didn’t wear a bikini, as I am NO WHERE NEAR bikini swimwear. I am ever so self conscious. So, I found a great swimsuit from the maker of SPANX. This suit sucked it all in, and lifted other things. It covered what it needed to. And while there were plenty of women with no inhibitions. I couldn’t do it myself. I felt gross after looking in the mirror. So, this week now that I am back to reality, it is time to take my exercise seriously and kick my own butt.

The swimwear is available at Target Stores,inc. And they are a bit pricey, however, it is worth the confidence booster and comfort. Priced at $49.99-59.99 use a red card for 5% off and there should be coupons for swimwear on Target’s website to be printed out. WOrth it!


I will put up a post of swimwear that are great for the body conscious later. Once I am done working on Chippey’s Shoppe!

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