Sun, sand, and Cosmo.


Cosmo July

I love going to the beach and what is better than going with a great magazine?  Well family and friends but today I made it a point to actually read at the beach. I was so happy. I got to listen to Pandora and read while watching my boy run around.
Katy Perry is on the cover and it was a great issue. Actually, it was great to read anything! If it had been Tolkien, I would never get to read it. I look at one of those books and get taken away.


The little man at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Love the weather today and the water was really nice. We had fun playing in the waves. So much fun that little man started to nod off in my arms. He wore himself out.


New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

The best time to get there is early. Not 10-11 am but 9am. It isn’t busy and gives really little ones time to play before it is too bright and too many cars around. Lots of freedom. There is also a great down town shopping district and things to do. If you have a dog there is a dog beach at the dunes.

So if you ever are in central Florida go to New Smyrna Beach. And don’t let shark week stats scare you away.

There are sea turtles!

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