BEach day hm swimsuit and shorts

Summer fun at the beach.

BEach day hm swimsuit and shorts

Hey there friends I thought I would have had this post done by now. But life just keep getting in the way. I tell you it has been crazy around here. So crazy we needed to get away from it all for a few hours and get our buts to the beach. And I am glad we did. We all needed the change of scenery.

When we go to the beach we go early. I am talking about going and getting to the beach by 9AM. Any later and we all get burned and we also have trouble with parking. GO early for good pictures and low crowds, And we get home before lunch because my little wont eat lunch at the beach and to be fair, I hate getting sand in my food.

H&M swimtsuit and justfab hatWhat I wore

I am not one who owns 5 million swimsuits. I own like 2 now. I just have such a time finding suits I like and I am currently trying to find a one piece I like. And this season I was really happy with what H&M had to offer. They had some great suits. The green suit I am wearing is from this season’s bikinis from H&M and this year they have some by cup size. Which is amazing! They have certainly stepped up their game.
bikini h&M shorts H&MMy hat was wanting to go airborn. SO I had to hold it down. The suit I was wearing is really comfy and has pretty good support. Comes in black or green and this bikini top has removable straps. It has to be a must have suit this season! The hat is from Justfab, and I have gotten a lot of compliments for it! And the awesome thing is it is on sale for under $15!! You can buy it here   I also wore it in this post here .

H&M swim


I chose some of the suits that H&M has on sale right now. including mine! It is on sale! The top is still available, and would look fabulous with the high waist bottom.

We had so much fun, even if the water was not the greatest color. We had some recent storms and it made the water a bit murky. And it didn’t help that there was an abundance of clam poo.. Isn’t nature awesome? That is stuff they don’t show in travel shows huh? And here we see the clam poo, honestly it was the first time seeing it for me. My hubby pointed it out. Thanks. But, to be fair if you are swimming in the ocean, you are swimming in fish stuff too. (sorry.)

Hurray BEACH Time!

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