Styling shorts for spring.

Right now in Florida the weather is being really nuts, it is back to feeling like winter! Just the other day I was in these great shorts from Target with some cute heels on! Today, though, it wintery with tomorrow morning being in the 30s! So, even though I am sitting under 3 blankets(and dealing with lockjaw) all warm and cozy I wanted to share how I style shorts for spring.

So, one way to style shorts for warmish weather is by pairing them with a great blouse with some cute details. The top I am wearing has some billowy sleeves and a cute star and floral print. Tops like this can really make the shorts seem a little more glamorous.

Love this blouse and how light weight it is! Perfect for the warm weather and not under dressed at all or over dressed!
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My only thing is I hate how my legs look in shorts though, I seriously do. So, it is why I do not wear them that often. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Shorts are something that are so easy to wear but I look at my legs and go meh.

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Happy Spring, just wish the weather would now make up it’s mind.

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  • Amanda July 18, 2019 at 2:59 AM

    Love your style! These are best ways to style shorts for spring. I can’t wait to try these styles. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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