Styling leggings like a pro

Ok, so, I know that leggings are not everyone’s cup of tea. But for me they are my tea and coffee. I have several reasons, one they are easy to throw on and go. And for days of when I am swelling more I can wear these and not feel like I am loosing feeling in my legs. I hate how I look in skirts and stuff on my bad days. And also when I have to take my littles to appointments it is an easy go to for outfit choosing. Like today they got their shots and I am glad I was wearing these loafers and these leggings. Now, I know some may think it is a step away from giving up, but when people are wearing PJ like outfits, there should be no complaints. And there are ways to wear leggings to where they do not look as some may say “lazy dressing”.

To really pull off leggings, one of my fave ways to do that is by wearing black on black. I will wear a black graphic tee or plain black tee. Like the one I am wearing in this blog post. And I feel that this all black outfit can also hide the swelling. And food baby, or post baby belly, like a6 months later post baby belly. I am finally able to exercise without feeling like I am dying of joint pain after 2 minutes.

Leggings do not have to be a lazy clothing, or be too basic. You can really dress them up too with some heels as I have done numerous times and here I wore some cute loafers to make them not so basic and boring. I think that if you can wear joggers everywhere now, you can wear some freaking leggings and get your comfort on! Why not?

So, if you have some black leggings in your closet get them out and WEAR THEM! It is Ok. But, saying that there are some other guide lines… White leggings, yes we can see those blue undies through them.white leggings are more see through that you may think especially the cheaper they are…no one really should ever wear nude or flesh colored leggings. Because it looks like you have NO PANTS ON. I have seen it in stores where I swore it looked like the lady wasn’t wearing pants, it was just that she was wearing nude colored leggings the same color as her skin tone. It made me and my hubby do a double take at LOWES. But, hey you do you.

I love my leggings, and I am happy to have them and my joggers. Because there are days as a mom of a busy body 5 yr old where getting too dressy(my normal) is out of the question and I need to wear something more realistic and practical.

So what do you think about leggings? Do you wear them? How is your fave way of styling them?

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  • Gabrielle August 1, 2018 at 11:28 AM

    This all-black outfit is so stylish on you Stephanie, hope you’ve having a great week so far!! x


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