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I love Stickers! I always have, I remember back in the 90’s(yes) as a kid in the EARLY 90’s making Sticker books. Basically we took stickers and put them in a book. And we loved the holographic ones with that were cat heads. Very glam cats. Remember those? But, even now as a Scrapbooker(who hasn’t done anything in a long, long time. ) StickerApp is a company I just love, they not only make predesigned stickers but you can get Custom stickers too! And since wedding season is coming it would be perfect as save the dates. OR even other things. My husband and I have business cards made. And they make wall decalls too! Hurray for StickerApp!

Shipping is pretty quick for having a custom made sticker, and shipping time is 5-7 business days.  You can order them separate or as sheets.

stickerappIf you follow me on insta @gofashiondeals you may have seen me mention a certain pug. Well, here it is! HAHAHAHAHA I love it! Check out StickerApp

Thank you StickerApp for some awesome stickers!!!!!





This post was in collaboration with StickerApp stickers provided for review! All opinions are my own


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