Statement earrings aka child magnets.

Hi there friends today I want to talk about statement earrings! You probably have seen quite a few bloggers mention them and go on about them. And it reminded me of some of my statement earrings that have been sitting in my jewelry box. Sitting there because for whatever the reason, they become beacons for tiny humans. Tots and babies love to grab and pull on some fabulous statement jewelry. It is one of the reasons I stopped wearing jewelry for a bit. It was a tug of war and nothing is more pleasant than having your earlobe ripped thanks to a dangly earring and a child’s hand. Boy can they be strong and quick!


Statement earrings that are bold or big are really sweet right now. And I made a quick collage of some I like.

Some of these are pretty simple and some are bold and beautiful. Loads of color or just big.  Styling earrings that are huge or really bold is pretty simple. Downplay everything else. Basic tee or top, no over the top other accessories. Earrings like this should stand out. I love that DC comic inspired earring by Noir and that is available on ifchic!


You can even make them casual. Or with a great LBD and a perfect statement clutch. What a great date night outfit! The ones I am wearing I got from a few years ago. As well as a pair from H&M.


I actually was wearing this tank until I tripped and spilt coffee over it. I am a huge clutz.



SO yeah today is about the earrings.

With this cute trend of bright and colorful jewelry or big earrings in general you might wonder what to wear with. I would definitely go with a simple shirt and some jeans or skirt. Nothing to contrast too much from the earrings. Make it about them.

Like so.




Even big chandelier earrings.




Got to love earrings!





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